May Olusola, Manna Express Newspaper USA

Pitfalls to Destiny Fulfilment is a brief but comprehensive book. Kolawole Oyeyemi uses layman’s terms to explain complex concepts. This book is a perpetual gift, as the reader will frequently refer to it. “Pitfalls to Destiny Fulfillment” is highly recommended.

May Davis, Verge International, USA (PR firm)

"Pitfalls to Destiny Fulfillment, wow! This a 'Wonder of the Word!' This is the defining book of all time, with great potential to cause positive changes in the lives of people. It is a book no one should miss if you are ever going to make your mark on your generation and fulfill your destiny”

Christian Book Reviewers, Canada

"This simple, yet profound wisdom-packed book, ‘Pitfalls to Destiny Fulfillment', is the basis to being able to fulfill your reason of living in the world, and never becoming enslaved by it”.

Bernard Graham, Verge International, USA (PR firm)

"Beware of Pastors is a timeless piece of truthful work. The world is ripe, and desperately needs this book of awakening. When I think of Beware of Pastors, I think of the story of Elijah and the false prophets; as so much falsehood abound in the church today. It is refreshing to know that in our time, without a doubt, God has raised a man to boldly deal with this pertinent issue Christ talked about, but most seem to ignore; this book is simply truthful and timely".

Frank Browning, Trendy Magazine, USA

"This book, Beware of Pastors, is the truth that saves. It changes everything! I see it usher in a new wave of true Christianity; and will change for the best, the way you think about your salvation as a christian”

Emmanuel Aduayi, Foreign Press Center and White House accredited Editor, USA

“Books are like mini vacations; and Kolawole Oyeyemi’s books are my favorite destination. God’s heart comes off the pages of his books”

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