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    Kill or be Killed
    The Marketing Killer Instinct

    From riveting inspirations to intriguing marketing saga, get ready, a shot of compelling new book is headed your way. "Kill or Get Killed: The Marketing Killer Instinct", Kolawole Oyeyemi's insightful and witty non-fiction delves into the high stakes African business scene, as the author touches on the marketing intrigues, battles and wars that shaped a lot of brands across industries in Africa.

    Kill or be Killed

The first marketing book of it's kind by an African

God created you to live your mark on your generation. You have everything it takes to overcome, to rise above into the fullness of your destiny, and not fall into the pit of not fulfilling your destiny; to not have to cheat or steal, yet be rich enough to lend to nations; and to constantly maintain, without wavering, the mentality of a winner and truly win.