As an Author

Kolawole Oyeyemi

Kolawole Oyeyemi is one of Africa’s favorite motivational and inspirational authors. He is best known for his Life-Changing messages and for creating mind-expanding works. He has written several extraordinary books, the latest books being “Beware of Pastors. Pastors Beware” and “Pitfalls to Destiny Fulfilment”. Added to his portfolio is a marketing book, the first of its genre by a Nigerian. He is a Pastor and an inspirational speaker, reaching thousands of people annually through the church pulpit, his books, electronic media, and various national events.

He leads the Gospel Farmers Ministries International; a dynamic ministry anchored on Isaiah 61:1-3. This teaching and training ministry has various arms including a vibrant young church: ‘The Chapel of Uncommon Grace’, with a mandate to raise onto God, “A People of Integrity, Power and Passion.” The church is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Furthermore, Kolawole is a committed Humanitarian; supporting various charities financially, intellectually, and spiritually.

He is also the founder of Ignite Nigeria, a non-governmental, not-for- profit organization based on the Isaiah 61:1-3 mandate. Through Ignite Nigeria, he engages young people and inspires them to catch a vision for their lives and nation, develop strategies to fulfill them, and ultimately focus on God as the power that enables the manifestation and fulfillment of vision.

Every year he brings together thousands of young people in a central location for a one day impartation of ideas, exhortation and motivations to fire them up to be who God has created them to be. More so, Kolawole Oyeyemi is a respected marketing management professional, an industry sector leader, marketing management teacher, life coach, and a senior management staff of a multinational company in Nigeria. He has won varying awards in marketing creativity, professionalism and knowledge share in the course of his career, and is instrumental to several awards won by his marketing communication agencies. Recently, he got awarded ‘the Brand Icon of the Year 2013’ by Brand Age Nigeria. He has been exposed to both local and international professional and management trainings in some of the best institutions in the world. He is an alumnus of the following great institutions: Obafemi Awolowo University, the Columbia Business School, and the prestigious Lagos Business School. Kolawole is a great author, with a simple philosophy to life: Please God; Impact men; Fulfill purpose. He is married to Adenike. They are blessed with children and live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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