As a Humanitarian

As a Humanitarian

Ignite Nigeria is a nongovernmental not for profit organization founded in 2010 by Kolawole Oyeyemi on the Isaiah 61:1-3 mandate. Ignite hopes to engage young people and inspire them to catch a vision for their lives and nation, develop strategies to fulfill them and ultimately focus on God as the power that enables the manifestation and fulfillment of vision.

Our Vision

Raise a vanguard for the new Nigeria; a new ‘Can Do’ generation committed to a greater Nigeria via a greater self founded on a deep knowledge, understanding, love and fear of God.

Our Mission

Impact a new generation of Nigerians with the noble ideals of integrity, hard work, genuine care and concern for others, love for the Nation, respect for self and others and the fear of God.

Strategic Pillars

  • Annual Seminars
  • School Roadshows
  • Ideas Exhibition
  • Festival of Colours
  • Ignite Leadership School
  • Angels

Annual Ignite Seminars

This brings together thousands of young people in a central location for a one day impartation of ideas, exhortation and motivations to fire them up to be who God has created them to be. They are inspired to catch a vision, develop the strategies to fulfill them and focus on the God of the vision as the power that enables manifestation and fulfillment of vision. The young folks are also inspired to catch a vision for the Nigerian nation as a country worth living and dying for. Speakers at past events include Dr Myles Munroe from the Bahamas, Pastor Ghandi Olaoye of Jesus House Washington DC, Fela Durotoye of Nigeria and the visioner; Kolawole Oyeyemi, the Senior Pastor of the Chapel of Uncommon Grace in Lagos, Nigeria. The Ideas Exhibition also happens during this event.

School Road Shows

This is a focused road show into schools to recruit a vanguard of inspired leaders who would take our nation to the next level. At the young impressionable school ages, young folks are encouraged to start early in life to catch a vision for their lives. Clips of previous editions of IGNITE are shown to students within the school environment, interactive sessions are held with them and they are encouraged to register on the website as a member of the Ignite Vanguard. Monthly newsletters will be sent to registered members on various topics that will aid the growth and development of the young minds. Schools are encouraged to register on the Ignite website if they would want the team in their schools.

Ideas Exhibition

This is designed to help to give life to the dreams and aspirations of a lot of young creative minds. Young people are encouraged to send in ideas in a one page write-up to A short listing is done based on set criteria and lucky persons are invited to present their ideas before a panel. Two winners emerged at the last exhibition and shared half a million naira in prizes to move their ideas to the next level. Their testimonies can be found on the Ideas Exhibition page.

Festival of Colours

This is a one day festival that brings together exhibitors of various Innovations and creative ideas that have been given life to. Exhibitors must be strictly under 40. This forum is intended to link the exhibitors with investors, banks, government and non-governmental agencies that can help them in moving their ideas forward through funding, professional and business advice and valuable networks. High level relevant government and nongovernmental representations will be ensured at the event.

Ignite Leadership School

This is a leadership school focused on developing responsible leadership in tender impressionable ages and young adulthood. The intention is to ensure that as these young people grow up, they develop into responsible adults who with a clear vision and a God fearing attitude can deliver the Nigeria of the future, impact their generations positively and make a difference in the world at large. The school will open formally in August 2011 as a Summer School.


These are people from various walks of life who believe in the Ignite Vision and are willing to give seed money to successful exhibitors at the Ideas Exhibition for a jump start of their business ideas. They are also willing investors in very viable ideas based on well structured legally enabled relationships with the owners of such ideas. They would prefer not to be known publicly except to eventual beneficiaries on special request.

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